Rainbow Magic Music is an accelerated learning method for the harmonium, keyboard or piano.  In addition to making it possible to play meaningful tunes right away, it gives a deeper understanding of music and the patterns and relationships within it. Rainbow music works with the western stave notation system as well as the Indian sargam notation system. Using colour in this way makes it simple to change the key of a piece to suit one’s vocal range as well as helping to understand chord progressions, making it easier to improvise and compose your own music.

Watch the video below for a demonstration, or click the link to find out about upcoming workshops using this method.

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This video shows how the colour guide is used on the harmonium to play a melody written in colour and how to work out major and minor chords with the colour guide. There is also a demonstration of how the colour guide can be used on the piano to change the key of a whole chord progression (in this case from E minor to C minor). 

Whenever there is vibration there is tanmátra, and there is colour as well. If the proper instrument is used the colour and the subtle form of every vibration can be detected.

Shrii Shrii Anandamurtii